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Commercial kitchen hood cleaning plays a vital role in maintaining safety in commercial kitchens. Basically, the ventilation system is responsible for removing smoke, steam, heat, and grease from the kitchen area. Local businesses come to NOVA Commercial Hood Cleaning as the trusted restaurant hood cleaning experts. We offer all of our hood cleaning services throughout Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland. We are the trusted restaurant hood cleaning experts.

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Grease Disposal

Un-contained and improperly disposed grease also poses a significant fire hazard. Consequently, its highly flammable nature can quickly ignite, causing a rapidly spreading fire and extensive damage to the kitchen and surrounding areas.

Ventilation Systems

The ventilation system is responsible for removing smoke, steam, heat, and grease from the kitchen area. Correspondingly, over time, grease and other contaminants accumulate within the system, increasing fire risk, reducing efficiency, and affecting indoor air quality.

Regular Maintenance

Failure to regularly clean the hood vent system can create a fire hazard. Fires that start in the hood vent system can quickly spread to other parts of the kitchen, causing significant damage and endangering lives.

Trusted Restaurant Hood Cleaning Services in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland

Grease in the kitchen presents various safety hazards. While cooking, grease and oil can accumulate on stovetops, grills, and fryers, creating slippery surfaces that can lead to slips, trips, and falls.

Custom Cleaning Schedules

Based on your specific needs and usage patterns, we create customized cleaning schedules to maintain optimal system efficiency. Whether your kitchen is in Virginia, Maryland, or Washington DC, we would love to get your hood cleaning on our schedule.

Thorough Grease Removal

We use specialized equipment and techniques to eliminate grease & contaminant buildup, ensuring your ventilation system operates at peak performance.

Exit Sign & Fire Extinguisher

 We assess the condition and placement of exit signs and fire extinguishers to confirm compliance with local fire codes.

Ansul Suppression System

The Ansul Suppression System is a fire suppression solution specifically designed for commercial kitchens. Furthermore, it plays a crucial role in preventing and controlling fires that may occur in high-risk areas such as cooking appliances, ventilation hoods, and ducts. Therefore, regular inspection of the Ansul Suppression System is essential to ensure its proper functioning and adherence to safety standards.

At NOVA Commercial Hood Cleaning, our expertise extends beyond commercial kitchen hood cleaning to include thorough Ansul Suppression System inspections. Our comprehensive inspection process covers the following aspects:

  1. Visual Inspection: Our professionals carefully examine the entire suppression system, including nozzles, piping, control heads, and detection components, to ensure there are no signs of damage, corrosion, or obstruction that could hinder its performance.
  2. System Activation and Component Testing: We test the system's various components, such as control panels, pull stations, and fusible links, to verify they are functioning correctly and will activate the system as needed during an emergency.
  3. Agent Level and Extinguishing Performance: Our team checks the extinguishing agent levels and evaluates the system's ability to discharge the agent effectively, ensuring optimal fire suppression performance.
  4. Maintenance and Repair: If any issues are identified during the inspection, our experts will perform the necessary maintenance and repairs to ensure your Ansul Suppression System is fully operational and complies with safety standards.
  5. Documentation and Compliance: After the inspection, we provide detailed documentation outlining the system's current condition, any repairs or maintenance performed, and recommendations for future service. This documentation helps you stay compliant with local fire codes and insurance requirements.

Regular Ansul Suppression System inspections are essential for maintaining a safe commercial kitchen environment. Nova Commercial Hood Cleaning are the trusted restaurant hood cleaning experts.  We provide comprehensive inspections that safeguard your business, employees, and customers from the risks of fire emergencies.

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Our expertise lies in thoroughly cleaning and maintaining the ventilation systems installed over commercial cooking equipment, such as ovens, stoves, and grills.

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