A Clean Sweep: How Jersey Mike’s Subs Maintains Top Hygiene Standards

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At Jersey Mike’s Subs in Virginia, the commitment to delivering fresh, delicious subs goes hand in hand with maintaining the highest standards of kitchen hygiene and safety. A key component of their success in this area is their partnership with NOVA Commercial Hood Cleaning, whose expertise in maintaining impeccably clean kitchen environments supports Jersey Mike’s mission. This blog explores how regular professional hood cleaning by NOVA Commercial Hood Cleaning helps Jersey Mike’s Subs ensure a safe, clean, and efficient kitchen, contributing to their stellar reputation for hygiene.

Challenges of Maintaining a Sandwich Shop Kitchen

The kitchen at Jersey Mike’s Subs, like any busy sandwich shop, faces unique challenges that can impact hygiene and safety. High-volume sandwich preparation involves continuous use of grills for cooking meats and toasting bread, which produces significant amounts of grease and smoke. These byproducts, if not regularly cleaned, can accumulate in kitchen hoods and exhaust systems, posing fire hazards and potential health risks.

Moreover, the fast-paced environment of a sandwich shop, where speed and efficiency are paramount, makes it essential to have a ventilation system that operates at peak efficiency. This ensures that the air quality inside the kitchen remains safe for both the employees and the customers.

NOVA Commercial Hood Cleaning’s Role

NOVA Commercial Hood Cleaning plays a crucial role in helping Jersey Mike’s Subs meet and exceed health and safety standards. Here’s how their specialized services make a difference:

  • Regular Scheduled Cleanings: To combat the accumulation of grease and other residues, NOVA Commercial Hood Cleaning provides regular and thorough cleanings of the kitchen hoods and exhaust systems. These scheduled cleanings prevent the buildup that can lead to kitchen fires and ensure that the ventilation systems function efficiently.
  • Advanced Cleaning Techniques: Utilizing state-of-the-art cleaning techniques and equipment, NOVA ensures that every inch of the hood and exhaust system is free from grease and contaminants. This meticulous approach not only enhances safety but also helps maintain the functionality of the kitchen’s ventilation equipment, which is crucial for removing heat and odors from the cooking area.
  • Compliance with Health Regulations: Jersey Mike’s Subs prides itself on adhering to strict health and safety regulations. NOVA Commercial Hood Cleaning ensures that all cleaning services comply with local health codes and industry standards, which helps Jersey Mike’s avoid potential violations during inspections and maintain their reputation for cleanliness.

Contributing to a Stellar Hygiene Reputation

The cleanliness of the kitchen is directly linked to the overall hygiene standards of a restaurant. By ensuring that the kitchen hoods and exhausts are regularly and thoroughly cleaned, NOVA Commercial Hood Cleaning helps Jersey Mike’s Subs provide a cleaner, healthier dining environment. This commitment to hygiene is essential for attracting and retaining customers who are increasingly aware of the importance of food safety.

Moreover, the effectiveness of NOVA’s hood cleaning services also contributes to better air quality inside the kitchen, which is crucial for the comfort and health of the staff. A clean and safe working environment enables the team at Jersey Mike’s Subs to focus on what they do best—making great sandwiches.


The partnership between Jersey Mike’s Subs and NOVA Commercial Hood Cleaning is a testament to the importance of maintaining high standards of kitchen cleanliness. For Jersey Mike’s Subs in Virginia, this collaboration is key to their commitment to providing a safe, clean, and welcoming dining experience. It’s clear that a clean kitchen is more than just an operational necessity—it’s a core part of the restaurant’s identity and reputation.

If your restaurant strives for the highest standards of cleanliness and safety, contact NOVA Commercial Hood Cleaning. Let us help you keep your kitchen in top condition, so you can keep serving your customers with confidence.